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“Telepathy” - Thesis concepting.

Jonathan Gregg  2012.

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Thesis Concept sketches.  Exploring tattoos and other ceremonial markings.

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Everrs sketches.  Concepting.

Jonathan G.

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for Signs and Symbols assignment in Advanced Illustration Studio.

Adobe Photoshop cs5 + rough graphite sketch.

Now with more (irritating) watermark.

"Ghostvengers, Assemble!"

I’m big on ghosts, if you didn’t already know.  I’ve slowly been turning everything into ghosts - here we have Steve, Bruce, Natalia, Clint, Thor and Tony.

pen and photoshop cs5.

Jonathan G. 2012

Character Poster Project - Everrs, Matteo and Joe.

graphite, pen and photoshop cs5.

Promo poster featuring the reluctant hero, the underdog and the mysterious villain.

Jonathan Gregg 2012

Anonymous said: When do we get some new stuff?

Soon! Like -this weekend- soon. Sorry to keep you all waiting; life gets distracting sometimes… Well, that, and I had to make some decent new drawings. Anyways, check back on Saturday for something new!

Tribute to J Dilla and Donuts.

38” x 48”  graphite and photoshop cs5.

Final project for Digital Illustration Painting.

Supposed to be writing a paper for science class, but worked on this tonight instead. Time well spent.